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Thank you for visiting my private gallery-in-progress

My name is Sasha Bilar; I am a lover of art, all living creatures, my family, music, & kindness… among many other things!

Please look about and enjoy.

You may contact me at

Mona Mona Mona

The Mona series was part of my Master’s in Art final submission.

“Digitally manipulated, then hand-painted”.


Mona series – 1990’s


Mona series – 1980’s


Mona series – 1970’s


Mona series – 1960’s


Mona series – 1950’s


Mona series – 1940’s


Mona series – 1930’s


Mona series – 1920’s



I’ve been fortunate to visit many places that are “way off the main road”.

I’m constantly reminded of how the far away places are now being challenged.

We must endeavor to thoughtfully protect Mother Nature’s gifts.

Save the Jungle!


These Koi in an island temple pond gathered towards the monk’s clapping hands (and the food!).

Temple Koi Fish


I met this delightful tribal boy in a remote Thailand mountain village.

Thai Village Boy


Lovely Kumo (our cat) had an encounter with a honeybee…

He swooned into a psychedelic dream for several hours.

Feline Fantasy


Difficult for words to articulate the beauty of the Bird from Paradise.

Bird of Paradise